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CIW Web Associate Exam 1D0-510

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CIW Foundations practice tests

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CIW Web Foundations Practice Exams:

The practice tests offered will include 200+ most relevant questions with detailed answers. Candidates will be able to view category scores and reinforce weak areas. The full version of the practice tests may be activated online after purchase. The demo version is free and limited to 25 questions.

Certification Exam Highlights:

  • Certification Name: CIW Web Foundations Associate

  • Exam ID: 1D0-510

  • Number of Questions: 85

  • Passing Score: 63%

  • Time Limit: 90 minutes

CIW Web Associate Certification Details:

CIW certifications are aimed at professionals working not necessarily in IT but also in other fields such as health care, and marketing. Certified CIW Web Foundations Associates have validated their understanding of important technologies that affect virtually every business. This certification is ideal for all professionals who use the Internet on the job. Once certified, these individuals are ready to pursue specialties in Web design, e-commerce, JavaScript, databases and other fields.

Exam Objectives:

The exam objectives consist of three domains, namely,

  • Internet Business Foundations:

  • Site Development Foundations

  • Network Technology Foundations

For complete objective details, please refer to

CIW Certification Paths:

The CIW Certifications are most popular among Internt Technologies proficiency certifications. The certification path starts with CIW Foundations certificatation, known as CIW Associate. The various certification levels offered by CIW is dipicted in the figure below:

The CIW Web Foundations, as the name implies is the foundation level certification. Other associate certifications available are:

  • Internet Business Associate course

  • Site Development Associate course

  • Network Technology Associate course

  • CIW Web Security Associate

Professional level certifications offered by CIW include Web Design Series, Web Development Series, and Web Security Series certifications. Please refer to the Prosoft website for more details.

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